Resilience Expert Advisory Group (REAG)

​​​​The Resilience Expert Advisory Group (REAG) promotes organisational resilience in support of Australian critical infrastructure owners and operators by providing strategic advice, guidance and tools to mature security and resilience approaches. REAG also advises the Trusted Information Sharing Network (TISN) and the Critical Infrastructure Advisory Council (CIAC) on practical ways to improve organisational resilience to support security and resilience uplift.

The ​REAG was formed in 2010 and is supported by the Australian Government. The Department of Home Affairs provides both a co-chair at Assistant Secretary level and secretariat support.​

The REAG’s mission is to uplift the security and resilience of Australia’s critical infrastructure in the face of all hazards. This is achieved by guiding the critical infrastructure community on how to adopt and mature their security and resilience approaches. This mission aligns with the Australian Government’s 2023 Critical Infrastructure Resilience Strategy and Plan.

The REAG is assisting to shape and produce an updated Organisational Resilience HealthCheck Tool and resources. This will be a free self-assessment that will help stakeholders evaluate their organisation’s resilience capabilities to identify opportunities to improve their organisational resilience. The launch for these products is planned for February 2024.​

As at December 2024, the REAG members are:

  • Department of Home Affairs (Co-chair)
  • Matt Riley, Transgrid (Co-chair)
  • Steve Curnin, University of Tasmania
  • Colin Muller, Australian Broadcasting Corporation
  • Brian Roylett, member of the Organisational Resilience Standards Committee
  • Min Livanidis, Amazon Web Services
  • Nikki Peever, CAUDIT
  • Damien Manuel,  PEXA​

To find out more about the REAG, email CIR@homeaffairs.gov.au.