Our Strategy

​​​​​All Australians rely on critical infrastructure to deliver the essential services that underpin our economy, security and sovereignty.

The Australian Government has produced the 2023 Critical Infrastructure Resilience Strategy (the Strategy) to direct its work with critical infrastructure entities and all levels of government to enhance the security and resilience of Australia’s critical infrastructure.

The Strategy provides a national framework to guide Australia to enhanced critical infrastructure security and resilience. The Cyber and Infrastructure Security Centre (CISC) and the critical infrastructure community developed the Strategy together. It will guide Australia’s critical infrastructure interests from 2023 to 2028.

The Strategy delivers nationally aligned and integrated initiatives, bringing together legislative and regulatory settings in partnership through the Trusted Information Sharing Network (TISN). Collaboration between industry and government underpins these activities, ensuring the support of Australia’s critical infrastructure community and its interests.

The Strategy sets out:

  • an overarching vision for critical infrastructure
  • how changes in the operating environment of critical infrastructure impact on critical infrastructure security and resilience
  • how the Strategy complements existing work across government to achieve its objectives.

For more detail, read the full 2023 Critical Infrastructure Resilience Strategy.

The activities the CISC will undertake to deliver the Strategy are outlined in the 2023 Critical Infrastructure Resilience Plan (the Plan).

To support the Strategy and the Plan and for ease of reference for the Australian critical infrastructure community, the CISC has also developed a consolidated 2023 Critical Infrastructure Resilience Strategy and Plan Snapshot.​