About us

​​​​​​​Within the Department of Home Affairs, the Cyber and Infrastructure Security Centre drives an all-hazards critical infrastructure regime in partnership with governments, industry and the broader community. We actively assist Australian critical infrastructure owners and operators to understand the risk environment and meet their regulatory requirements for the shared benefit of all Australians.​

Our mission

Our mission is to collaboratively ensure the security, continuity and resilience of Australia’s critical infrastructure. We empower Australian owners and operators to meet best-practice standards and improve the resilience of our critical infrastructure through:

  • engagement
  • partnerships
  • advice
  • exercises
  • modelling
  • regulation.

Our role as a regulator

We are committed to being a best-practice regulator. We use our integrated capabilities to improve the critical infrastructure regulatory framework.

We leverage expertise

As part of the Department of Home Affairs, we bring together and build on:

  • critical infrastructure security
  • cyber security
  • aviation
  • maritime security
  • background-checking capabilities.

We leverage our collective expertise to understand the operating environment and develop best-practice approaches and advice. To achieve this, we work with:

  • governments
  • current and future asset owners and operators
  • industry regulators
  • technical advisers
  • academia.

We secure Australia’s critical infrastructure

We secure Australia’s critical infrastructure with:

  • asset owners and operators
  • governments
  • community.

We facilitate an all-hazards critical infrastructure resilience strategy. This is enabled by a strong focus on cyber security and the role it plays across critical infrastructure sectors. This allows us to respond rapidly to a major cyber-attack that can impact multiple sectors.

To achieve this, we leverage partnerships across sectors and between regulators and agencies to empower critical infrastructure owners and operators to remain resilient in an ever-changing risk and operating environment.

We work closely with industry

Industry knowledge of sectors, businesses, operations and processes is critical for our understanding of the environment and our approach to capability uplift. A good example of this is our Trusted Information Sharing Network (TISN) that enables this vital work.

Critical infrastructure security is a shared responsibility between government and industry. We are here to help asset owners and operators to meet their obligations and prepare for incidents. This supports the benefits we gain from proactive compliance and risk mitigation.

Overview of how the 11 industry sectors work in collaboration with industry partners and expert advisors, state and territory government partners, Australian Government partners and regulators and the Cyber and Infrastructure Security Centre. 

Using our established network, we work with other government agencies with expertise or relevant regulatory remits to provide tailored advice to industry.

To help critical infrastructure asset owners and operators understand and meet their regulatory requirements and keep updated on the evolving risk environment we focus on:

  • education
  • advice
  • information exchange.

As a last resort, we can proportionately and appropriately respond to non-compliance.

We are focused on providing updated advice on the critical infrastructure regulatory framework and the evolving operating environment. We facilitate best-practice approaches to empower asset owners and operators to meet their regulatory requirements.

Collectively, our efforts support the resilience of critical assets and the reliable delivery of essential services that underpin the enduring confidence small, medium and large business need to plan, grow and thrive.