Critical Infrastructure Resilience Strategy

​​​​​​The Critical Infrastructure Resilience Strategy (the Strategy) guides our work setting a framework for enhancing the security and resilience of Australia’s critical infrastructure assets so they continue to operate in an all hazards environment. The Strategy includes the Critical Infrastructure Resilience Strategy Policy Statement ​and Plan.​

See our Resources page ​for the current Strategy documents.

The Australian Government is updating this Strategy to reflect how all levels of government will work with all critical infrastructure entities. The updated Strategy will:

  • bring together disparate work across government to foster a consistent approach to improving critical infrastructure security and resilience. It will give holistic support to owners and operators across the threat spectrum
  • provide a framework for how we work with state and territory governments and industry. This will show how we effectively:
    • prevent
    • prepare
    • respond to
    • recover from all hazards

The updated Strategy is being developed in consultation with stakeholders across the critical infrastructure community. We will give industry and government stakeholders the ​opportunity to comment on the draft Strategy before we finalise it.