​​​​ASICs and MSICs

An Aviation or Maritime Security Identification Card (ASIC or MSIC) confirms the holder has a valid background check and is not a security or serious criminal threat to aviation or maritime security.

A person may need an ASIC or MSIC if they have an operational need for unescorted access to:

  • secure areas of security controlled airports
  • security zones of security regulated ports
  • security regulated ships or
  • security regulated offshore oil and gas facilities.

A person may also need an ASIC or MSIC card if they perform a specifically prescribed security-sensitive role.

The ASIC and MSIC background check includes:

An ASIC or MSIC is not an access card. It does not give the holder the right to access secure areas and zones without the permission from the relevant authority or facility owner or operator.

AusCheck provides background checking services for security-sensitive critical infrastructure sectors in Australia. AusCheck also manages ASICs and MSICs for government agencies.

By 1 July 2025 AusCheck will become the only issuing body for the ASIC and MSIC schemes.

For more information visit ASICs and MSICs and AusCheck.