Legislative information and reforms

​​​New Critical Infrastructure (CI) assets captured under the SOCI Act

The following critical infrastructure sectors and asset classes are captured under the SOCI Act. You may have obligations ​if you own or operate assets in the sectors and asset classes below:

  • Communications
    • a critical telecommunications asset
    • a critical broadcasting asset
    • a critical domain name system
  • Data storage or processing
  • Defence industry
    • a critical defence industry asset
  • Energy
    • a critical electricity asset
    • a critical gas asset
    • a critical energy market operator asset
    • a critical liquid fuel asset
  • Financial services and markets
    • a critical banking asset
    • a critical superannuation asset
    • a critical insurance asset
    • a critical financial market infrastructure asset
  • Food and grocery
    • a critical food and grocery asset
  • Health care and medical
    • a critical hospital
  • Higher education and research
    • a critical education asset
  • Space technology
  • Transport
    • a critical port
    • a critical freight infrastructure asset
    • a critical freight services asset
    • a critical public transport asset
    • a critical aviation asset
  • Water and sewerage
    • a critical water asset

If your assets falls into one of these categories, refer to What the changes mean for me for more information and to learn whether your asset is captured by the definitions under ​the SOCI Act​.