Reporting and Compliance


There are two reporting entities who are required to provide information to the Register of Critical Infrastructure Assets.​

Direct Interest Holder​​

Direct Interest Holders are entities that hold a direct or joint interest of at least 10 per cent in a critical infrastructure asset, or who hold an interest and are in a position to directly or indirectly influence or control the asset.

Responsible Entity

A Responsible Entity for a critical infrastructure asset is the body licensed to operate the asset.

How to report

​If you are registering your asset for the first time, you must complete the Registration form for the Responsible Entity of a Critical Infrastructure Asset.

If a notifiable event has occurred and you are advising of changes to an existing registration, complete the Responsible Entity: Notification of change to an existing registration on the Register of Critical Infrastructure Assets form.

If you are registering as a Direct Interest Holder of a Critical Infrastructure Asset you must complete the New registration of a Critical Infrastructure Asset form.

If there has been a notifiable change to a Direct Interest Holder of a Critical Infrastructure asset please complete the Direct Interest Holder: Notification of change to an existing registration on the Register of Critical Infrastructure Assets form.

NOTE: These forms may change with the introduction of the new legislation.​​​

Reporting entities are obligated to report any notifiable changes to the required information within 30 days of the event. Any delays in submitting your online registration could result in penalties.

Important information to note when registering

  • The forms must be completed and submitted online in one session.
  • Forms cannot be saved and completed at a later date.
  • You can keep your browser open and return to the form, however, if you navigate away from the form, before successfully submitting it, all data will be lost and you will need to start again.
  • ​The online Direct Interest Holder form will allow up to twenty entries of "Other entities with influence or control", however, additional entities with influence or control can be recorded on the Additional Other Entity form and attached at the time of registration submission.
  • The online Responsible Entity form allows a maximum of five operators to be reported. Additional operators can be reported by completing and attaching the Additional Operators Form to your registration.
  • ​Ensure pop ups are enabled on your browser before starting the form
  • Allow at least 40 minutes to complete all mandatory sections.
  • Supporting documentation can be uploaded to the online form before submission.
  • Save copies of your completed forms​.

​​Instructions will change as new elements of the Security of Critical Infrastructure Act 2018​​​ (the Act) are enacted and forms are upgraded.

Refer to ​New Critical Infrastructure (CI) assets captured under the SOCI Act to see if your asset is considered a critical infrastructure asset under the Act and if you need to register it.